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Much of the content here will bore or antagonise. Enjoy. Or do not.

The famous writer’s advice on the perfect brew still holds true, whilst the age-old Israel-Palestine conflict grips people with hatred — has the world changed much at all in 75 years?

For someone who embodied typical Englishness so much, it is unsurprising that George Orwell wrote an essay detailing how to make a cup of tea. Yes, you read that right: the legendary writer who gave the world Nineteen Eighty-Four, Animal Farm, and profound insights on English identity, totalitarianism and freedom of speech also published an essay on the perfect cuppa in a national newspaper.

Apparently, debates over the proper way to make a brew is not the invention of Twitter threads and keyboard warriors (and myself, having once inexplicably spent half an hour making a Snapchat story on the subject)…

Sexual assault of women is a major issue that everyone should confront. If some men are the problem, the rest of us have to be the solution.

‘A number appeared recently that ignited a nationwide conversation. 97% of young women have been sexually harassed at some point in their lives, although not all men have committed sexual harassment. The figure is 80% for women of all ages, although not all men were responsible for committing these crimes. It is also estimated that 3.4 million women in the UK have been sexually assaulted before, although not all men are sex offenders. Of those women, one million have been raped before, although not all men are rapists.’

I think it’s worth stating the obvious: no one, and I mean…

Knowing where we have been tells us about where we are and where we want to be heading; seeing it makes it impossible to ignore.

There is something about talking to eyewitnesses that cannot be replicated. I experience this feeling most when talking to older people, like grandparents. It feels like the person facing you is the most direct connection between your life and the distant past. If they know how to spin a yarn, that past is suddenly revived and revitalised, as if you can step right into it. As a self-confessed history fiend, I love this feeling. Knowing where we have been gives us a sense of where we are, and where we want to be heading.

As much as I am in…

History does not quite repeat itself, but there are common themes. Action in word, not deed, is no new trick of British leaders.

I am not a huge believer in the idea that history repeats itself, that you can use the past as a blueprint for what is to come. Far too many variables to allow replication. However, I am happy to accept that there are recurrent themes. Alcohol causes as many problems as it solves. British summers promise barbecue weather only to disappoint come August. The Germans win on penalties. Governments place economics above basic respect for human decency.

At this present moment there exists a network of concentration camps. Literally millions of people are being identified based on their ethnicity, singled…

You ask whether the Uighurs suffer as much as Meghan Markle, since a lot of people speak out about the latter and not the former. I'm not sure how accurate a comparison this is, however.

On the one hand, you have communal suffering (if that is an appropriate term), where a community of people are being targeted by a state government and physically tormented over their ethnicity and faith. On the other hand, you have personal suffering, where an individual is being targeted by a national press and psychologically tormented over their race.

I think that the two forms of…

I would love to have some profound insight to offer tonight. I am so eager to uncover a creative vein and utilise it to turn a phrase and illustrate an intelligent point. But my mind feels numb and empty. Feeling is not absent; I feel so many strange and uncomfortable feelings. They jostle and joust, barge, shuffle about coherently before I can number and take note of them. So much is occurring.

Imagine operating a jackhammer. The deep incessant thud-thud of the jackhammer repeats. You feel the pavement crumbling beneath your toes. The handles shake chaotically in your grasp as…

Reece Evans

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