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Much of the content here will bore or antagonise. Enjoy. Or do not.

The famous writer’s advice on the perfect brew still holds true, whilst the age-old Israel-Palestine conflict grips people with hatred — has the world changed much at all in 75 years?

Tuffa, Gaza, on fire in 2014. Source: New Statesman/EPA

Sexual assault of women is a major issue that everyone should confront. If some men are the problem, the rest of us have to be the solution.

Armchair experts weigh in. Source: @cutecatcalls / Instagram

Knowing where we have been tells us about where we are and where we want to be heading; seeing it makes it impossible to ignore.

End of the Line, Auschwitz II-Birkenau

History does not quite repeat itself, but there are common themes. Action in word, not deed, is no new trick of British leaders.

Uighur women protesting back in 2009. Source: BBC/AFP

Reece Evans

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